The Old Shebang is bringing the most radical technology in history back to the local community

The Old Shebang is part of the worldwide movement revitalizing letterpress as a beautiful, relevant and vital link to the history of knowledge and communications. We respect the craft developed over centuries and are committed to that body of experience. We are unafraid of embracing the opportunities provided by new technologies such as 3D printing and laser cutting, and we love to experiment.

We exist to

  • Provide a studio to work on personal and collaborative publishing projects requiring specialised letterpress equipment.

  • Engage the public in live demonstrations of the letterpress process through our shopfront.

  • Invite the public to learn the process of letterpress publishing through workshops focused on each aspect of production in a series called Book School.

  • Provide a space for local artists to exhibit and retail their work (privileging letterpress and printmaking).